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Faveous is an information site on phone numbers and allows you to bookmark phone numbers so that you can recieve up-to-date information on the phone numbers that you are interested in.

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Faveous is a really convenient tool to gather phone number information but it's also an amazing tool to discover new phone number data by adding numbers to your FAVS!

Find information on the phone number that you are interested in and then add it to you FAVS to be alerted on new info on that number.

We have information on phone numbers located in the United States and Canada.

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"I found exactly what I was looking for. Oh, and I love the phone number alerts on my FAVS. Thanks!"
– Jamie

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Did you get a call from a number you didn't recognize? Whether your looking for the owner information or if you want the number to stop calling you - we have you covered. Read more »

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Read reports and comments on phone numbers reported by our users. You can also view wich comment was the most helpful as voted by our community. Read more »